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resources for boxes and graffiti

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

I lllooooooovvvvvve boxes. It used to be just little boxes, such as the ones you’d get for business cards, or new cartridges (they must be square or rectangular or pentagon, or octagon or round… not one of those terribly packaged products. Everyone must have standards!).

Lately it has just gotten worse. The boxes are BIG now. And I mean BIG. I have been cutting them apart for their cardboard to use for learning spraypainting. One box that I found on the street was so big that, even collapsed, took me 1/2 hour to get into my room (it kept getting lodged in the stairwells). My room is now PACKED with cardboard… it’s tucked behind my bed, behind my wardrobe, and behind my piano. It looks like my room is actually some sort of stock room.

So, for other box lovers, I thought I would find some links of things to do with boxes…. And, more importantly, some resources on how to spraypaint graffiti!

  1. 37 box related crafts for kids
  2. How to make a beautiful cardboard castle
  3. Make a safari miniature golf set (complete with elephants!)
  4. Make a desk!
  5. Disney’s list of all their cardboard box crafts
  6. Lyrics to Rebekah’s song, Cardboard boxes(and just for the record, Rebekah, they ARE cool!)
  7. Join the group to say that you want to learn how to paint graffiti on
  8. Learn from some pros how to graffiti in easy lessons on this site
  9. Geeky examples of graffiti
  10. Video: How to draw graffiti-style people
  11. The cans festival official site. Amazing graffiti! Go down to leak street in london to see what the hooligans have done