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Goodbye to a fashion legend

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

The dress that was the start of my fashion inspiration

I just heard the tragic news… Lee McQueen, founder of Alexander McQueen, has died.

I am shocked.  He is one of my favourite fashion designers, and his dress design, shown here, was actually what prompted me to create my own fashions, back when I started sewing 3 years ago.

I remember finding this dress (displayed with a soft sweater in a winter wonderland in the magazine spread), with its a-symmetrical wrapping that was neither traditionally tartan, nor over the top, and I thought, “wow, I would love to make something like that.” While my efforts to distill his piece of art were not entirely successful, I was hooked, and I often spent hours routing through his collections, in awe of his ability to create such uniqueness.

Fashion week is coming up, and he was supposed to be unveiling his latest collection.  What a shame that this is the last time we will see new creations from him.

Mr. McQueen, your creativity has inspired me, and you will be sorely missed.